Our second session of Coffee and Conversation was held on Friday, November 13th 2020. The theme of this coffee chat was ‘What’s it like to teach language and literacy during the COVID pandemic?’. We were so fortunate to be joined by five guest speakers: teachers Ryan Furlong, Jennifer Aston, and Amanda Cloutier, as well as students, Nina and Leo Ito. Our guests spoke of both challenges and opportunities that have come with online and hybrid learning formats for teachers and students. They also shared some guidance for our teacher candidates. Most importantly, give yourself grace and be kind to yourself. No one has taught during a pandemic and we’re all figuring it out as we go.

Click here to read participant Nina Ngouafac’s reflection.

During our coffee chat, we also welcomed Amanda Battistuzzi, who will officially be joining the cL2c team in January, and we said a heartfelt thank you to Shelina Adatia, who has been a research assistant with the cL2c team since 2017. We wish Shelina all the very best as she writes her PhD thesis and prepares for her professional life.