Do I have to know how to speak French to be in the cL2c?

No. The cL2c is open to all students who are interested in the teaching and learning of second languages. This includes French as a Second Language (FSL) and English as a Second Language (ESL). You don’t have to be Francophone to be a part of the cL2c.

Are cL2c activities in French and English?

In order to include as many students as possible in the cL2c, we will work to ensure that as many activities as possible are bilingual. Thus, French and English will likely be used during cL2c activities. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to develop and deepen your knowledge of French or English.

Can I participate in FSL and ESL activities?

Absolutely. The objective of the cL2c is to share resources related to second language teaching, so that you can be better equipped as future teachers. You can thus participate in FSL and ESL activities.

Will being in the cL2c affect my practicum?

No, not at all. The Faculty of Education is in charge of your practicum, not the cL2c.

Do I receive a qualification (either FLS or ESL) as a member of the cL2c?

No. However, the cL2c will provide great resources and relevant information in regards to your future practice as a teacher.