Anti-Racism Education

Some Key Thinkers

Key Questions: Conversations about Anti-Racism with White People


Is racism really a thing at uOttawa?

What is white privilege?  

Why is not OK to say the N Word in class?

Intent vs. impact: Are you still accountable if you didn’t mean to?

What is the actual definition of racism?

What is white fragility?

What is white supremacy?

What happens when we stay silent?

Why does it feel so uncomfortable to talk about race?

Why can’t I just ask my Black friends and colleagues to tell me about this?

How do many of my BIPOC colleagues and professors feel about using the N-word in class?

  • Read the statement issued by the BIPOC Caucus of at the University of Ottawa

Black History in Canada

Black Canadians You Should Know

Black Excellence in Canada

Books to Read with a Canadian Focus

More to come…