Helen G. Mitchell Award

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Description of the award

This award is to honour one graduating student from each Faculty of Education in the Province of Ontario who best demonstrates the attributes of a potentially outstanding Classical / FSL / International language teacher at the Faculty of Education of the respective nominee. The candidate demonstrates excellence in the academic program and the practicum. The recipient applies effective second language methodologies which lead to success in the classroom.

Who is eligible for the award?

Second year teacher candidates in the Teacher Education program specializing in teaching French as a second language are eligible to apply for this award. 

How to apply for the award?

Teacher candidates who wish to apply for the Helen G. Mitchell Award must fill out the Google Form and prepare an application which contains the following:

  1. A résumé (in French or English) detailing the teacher candidates academic and teaching experience. 
  2. A statement letter (in French) written by the teacher candidate which demonstrates excellence and commitment to developing their:
    1. French linguistic competence
    2. Intercultural competences in French cultures
    3. Pedagogical knowledge and skills in FSL methodology
    4. Collaborative professionalism as an FSL teacher

The statement letter should be no longer than 3 pages double spaced in a 12-point font. 

Teacher candidates can submit their application package directly in the Google Form. The teacher candidate will receive confirmation that their application package has been received via email. 

  1. A recommendation letter (in French or English) from one of their Associate Teachers 
    1. The letter should provide an overall evaluation of the teacher candidate as a potential future FSL teacher, along with concrete examples to illustrate the teacher candidates’ planning and teaching skills and their ability to create an environment favourable to FSL learning. 
    2. Associate Teachers can submit their recommendation letter directly to cL2c@uottawa.ca. The Associate Teacher will receive email confirmation the letter has been received. 

Referees can email their letters of recommendation at cL2c@uottawa.ca.

What is the application deadline?

The deadline to submit applications is March 1 of every year.

How is the selection made?

A selection committee of professors at the faculty of Education who teach across P/J, J/I and I/S levels will form the committee and review applications. The members of the committee represent faculty who teach the FSL methodology courses (PED1788, PED2788, PED2789, PED3789, PED3788, PED4788), the practicum course (PED3150/PED3151) and/or the language course (PED1599). The committee reserves the right to reach out to the professors of these courses to gather additional background information about the applicant’s academic excellence. 

Once the applications have been reviewed, one teacher candidate will be nominated by the selection committee to represent the University of Ottawa Faculty of Education. The candidate  will be informed by the selection committee. Their nomination will then be forwarded to OMLTA . OMLTA will contact the recipient of the award for details regarding the presentation of the Helen G. Mitchell award. 

When is the award offered? 

Award winners will be invited to receive their award in person (or virtually due to covid) at the OMLTA Spring Conference Awards Breakfast which is usually held in April each year. Details on the OMLTA Spring Conference can be found on the OMLTA website

The successful candidate will be asked to submit a picture and short biography statement to be shared on the cL2c website and promoted on social media networks for the Faculty of Education.