cL2c PLC Workshops – Every Teacher is a Language Teacher

Every January, the cohort leads organize a PLC Workshop Day which aligns with the motto of our cohort – Every teacher is a language teacher. Teacher candidates have the option of attending two to three different sessions.

We partner with graduate students and researchers from EducLang and other universities across Canada to provide up-to-date evidence-based practices grounded in research. Speakers also include active or retired teachers who share practical insights gathered from years of teaching.

For presenters, find out how to submit a workshop here.

Every two years, the cL2c cohort publishes a new volume for our Every Teacher is a Language Teacher series which features the workshops presented at our cL2c PLC Workshop Day. You can read the previous volumes here.

For teacher candidates, find out about previous PLC Workshop Day programs and the resources made available here.

For our community, you can read our student feedback reports for each of the cL2c Workshops here.