How can we practice anti-racist pedagogy in our classrooms, when we didn’t learn about Black Excellence and Black History in Canada when we were in school? As tomorrow’s teachers, it’s OUR RESPONSIBILITY to educate OURSELVES!

Come learn with us by joining the Anti-racist Pedagogy meet up group! This Community of Inquiry, hosted by the Second Language Education cohort (cL2c), is open to ALL teacher candidates and ALL B.Ed. profs. Join our Microsoft Team to learn more with this code: ez58hu0

We meet twice a semester on Fridays for lunch (cause everybody’s gotta eat!). For those who have class during that time, you can participate with us actively in our Microsoft Team! This is a live virtual learning community!

Some highlights:

  • We have special guests come and talk to us
  • We read books about Anti-Black racism in Canada together (see picture below)
  • We prepare 1-slide presentations for each other on important Black historical figures, events, and history in Canada.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fill those gaps in your knowledge about Black Excellence in Canada!