Welcome to the cL2c!

Welcome to the Second Language Education Cohort! This cohort is comprised of a team of P/J division candidates and professors interested in language learning across the curriculum. The cohort has two options – French as a second language (FSL) and English as a second language (ESL).  Candidates taking the P/J FSL program option are automatically enrolled in this cohort. All members will have a chance to participate in extra-curricular opportunities and discuss important developments in the fields of FSL and ESL education in Ontario and Canada. Whenever possible, activities will be open to candidates in both FSL and ESL options (e.g., bilingual workshops offered simultaneously in French and English). We look forward to welcoming P/J candidates to the cohort and working with all B.Ed. students interested in learning more about second language education this coming year!


Description of the cL2c

The cL2c is part of the two-year Teacher Education program at the University of Ottawa. The cohort is primarily designed for teacher candidates who are interested in L2 education in Canada. All communication is provided in a bilingual format; some specific sessions are offered exclusively in French or English.

Being part of the cL2c is beneficial! The resulting benefits are numerous and include, amongst others:

  • A pleasant cultural experience
  • Interactive learning sessions
  • A variety of relevant resources
  • More professional opportunities

Vision of the cL2c

The cL2c is committed to promoting the learning of second languages (French and English) via active participation in cultural activities and discussions related to emerging trends in L2 education in Canada. We believe that successful L2 learning involves creativity and innovation, as well as interdisciplinarity and examination of all fields of study. This is what the cL2c intends to offer to all of its members.